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Your talent, tenacity, and attitude will get you the win, and attract fans and sponsors. You control your race. Now take charge of your brand with SponsorPak. SponsorPak gives you an arsenal of Pro-tools to build a following, attract and communicate with potential sponsors and a practical, step-by-step guide to keep your program going and you competing!

“The race is not always to the swift, but to those who Never Quit.”

Included with SponsorPak

Each SponsorPak includes personalized graphics, a fully functioning WordPress website, an online fan store stocked with custom-designed merchandise, matching graphics for your social media to tie it all together, and branded sponsorship templates with step-by-step step instructions and much more.

Personalized Logo & Brand

The ProAction Logo is your brand created for store merchandise, promo material, and your website. Your brand will give you a professional look when reaching out to sponsors.

Full-Featured Website

Your SponorPak website will keep fans engaged and show sponsors you are serious about your passion and being partners with them.

Your Fan Store

Your Fan Store merchandise can be stocked with branded t-shirts, posters, bags, hats, cups, and more and can help you generate funds to keep you competing.

Promotional Handouts

Fans love signed hero cards, stickers, and other promo stuff, and you even have business cards show sponsors you mean business.

Sponsorship Template Pack

SponsorPak Templates are your branded documents to reach out to potential sponsors. These professionally worded documents speak to Friends & Family, Local Business, or Large Companies.

Fanbase 101 & Sponsorship Basics

No experience with WordPress? No worries, we provide training so you can do updates!

Branded Social Media

Building your website and creating branded social media graphics to be consistent is essential to strengthening your fanbase, attracting more sponsors, and keep competing!

Personalized Logo & Brand

The ProAction Logo is your brand created for store merchandise, promo material, and your website. Your brand will give you a professional look when reaching out to sponsors.

Website Update Training

No experience with WordPress? No worries, we provide training so you can do updates!

SponsoPak Website

  • Fully Functioning WordPress Website

  • Branded Look & Feel

  • Fan Store with Products

  • Sponsor Page

  • Connected Social Media

  • Race Stats & Schedule

  • Photo Gallery

  • Race Video

  • Training To Do Updates

  • 1 Year of Hosting included

YOUR FAN STORE  Send friends, family, co-workers especially fans to buy swag! The SponsorPak Fan Store is a great way to generate funds to help you keep  competing and promote your fan base! Included with every SponsoPak Package.

SponsorPak Programs

SponsorPak™ provides branded sponsorship tools for any athlete, at any level. It’s a professional edge, like the pros.

Professionally Graphic Design / Art

ProAction Logo is created from the colors you choose and your favorite action photo. To match your brand everywhere graphics are created for social media, merchandise and website.

• ProAction Logo
• Brand Graphics
• Full-featured WordPress Website
• Social Media Branded Art
• Hero Wallpaper Fan Art / Free Download
• Fan Store Merchandise Designs

Fully Functioning WordPress Website

You’ll look like a pro with a professionally Webmaster Pro fully functioning website with pages and features to engaged fans and put your best foot forward for sponsors.

• Pro Web Address –*
• Website Hosting (1 Year – Go Daddy) *
• SSL Certificate – Google Shopping Cart Requirement*
• Homepage
• Social Media links
• Race Report (Blog)
• Fan Store with Shopping Cart & Products
• Resume / Stats
• Photo Gallery Updates – 12 Photos / 1 Gallery
• Event Schedule
• Fan Subscription
• Fan Donation Page
• Fan Art Download Page
• Sponsor Promotion Page
• Contact Form

*Monthly fees apply after the term date.

Fan Store & Merchandise

Your Fan Store will be stocked with custom design, branded tees, bags, hats, cups, posters and more, ready to dropship to your fans. Funds going directly to your PayPal account to keep you competing!

• Fan Store Shopping Cart Set-Up
• Fan Store Product Fulfillment Set-Up (Printful)
• Add Printed Products
• Fan Download Area
• Social Media Sharing
• Payment Gateway to Your PayPal / Square Set-Up
• Donation Web Page Set-Up to your PayPal / Square Set-Up

Hero cards, and stickers, posters and free downloadable wallpaper help engage and build your fan base. Business cards are for meetings with sponsors, giving you a professional edge.

• Hero Cards*
• Pro Business Cards*
• Logo Stickers*
• Hero Posters*
• Team Auto Vinyl*
• Athlete Wallpaper (Download)

* 25 posters, 50 Stickers, 100 Business cards, 100 Hero Cards – reorder discounts available.

Sponsorship Template Kit

Once logged into your individual SponsorPak area, your SponsorPak Templates are ready to download for use and included everything you need to approach large or small sponsors!

• Fan Base Building 101
• Sponsorship Basics
• SponsorPak Pro Template Kit – Branded & Personalized
• Sponsorship Agreement Template
• Template Letters to Sponsors
• Sponsorship Pitch – Script Outlines
• Step-By-Step Template Instructions

Website Training & Support

WordPress is the number 1 platform for website on the internet because it is easy to learn and navigate. Each SponsorPak includes 1 Hour of WordPress Training for updating your SponsorPak website. Email and phone support is available if you get stuck. After training you will be able to:

• Post Race Updates
• Post to the Race Report
• Update/add Photos to photo Gallery
• Update any page on the website


$5999Per Month
  • $ 499 set up fee

Pro Elite

9999Per Month
  • $ 999 set up fee

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