Namaste Drawing Meditation

The gentle, relaxing strokes of Namaste Drawing Meditation combine a single fluid motion with simple breathing exercises to create a hyper-clarity, focus, centered relaxation and calm state of wellness. Each drawing can be done on any device or printed sheet.

Here’s how it Works:

1) Pick a drawing.
2) Begin on the dove and follow the dots.
3) Use fluid drawing motion throughout the meditation.
4) Pay attention to the specific breath timing.
5) Breath timing and drawing motion are:
a. Inhale: Draw / 5-8 seconds
b. Hold Breath: Stop motion / 3-5 secs
c. Inhale: Draw / 5-8 seconds
6) Continue until the drawing is completed.

Note: Drawings can be printed for a more tactile paper and pencil meditation.

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”

Try a flip book here!